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Welcome to Mena Ceramics

Inspired by nature and the beauty that the Pembrokeshire Coast has to offer, my small batch pottery and ceramics are a true testament to the ever-changing seasons and landscapes of Pembrokeshire.

From the rugged coastline to the winding country lanes, my collections are created using the textures around me that nature has to offer. I forage and press my flowers each year to ensure their natural beauty and unique formations remain, this is reflected within each individual item.

My small batch artisan pieces are made out of Porcelain Paper Clay. This high-quality clay gives me the strength and translucency needed for impressing beachcombed objects such as flowers, shells, starfish, seaweed, and rope. Each and every piece from my collection links to the coastal surroundings around me.

Please take a look at my latest small batch collection below or book in for one of my fantastic pottery sessions or classes. Enjoy!

Mena Williams

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